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A little experience helped us realize,
We are lucky – we are still alive,
We are lucky – we were born in this world,
We are lucky – we have learnt that WE LIVE LIFE ONLY ONCE,
We are lucky – we decided to LIVE LIFE – since ” we r the world “, since ” we r the children “, since ” this world is our HOME ” – we must see how our home ( our world ) looks, we must meet the other people who live in this home ( living around the world ), we must explore the roof / the corridors / the attics / the basements of the home ( north pole to south pole – from east to west ), we must taste the food cooked by different families in the different rooms of our home ( like a global joint family ), we must visit our Eskimo / Masai / Red Indian / Aboriginal / Santal family members, so much to do, WE MUST.

We are lucky – god gave us the opportunity to decide for ourselves, we decided that we shall remain super happy and super passionate about what we do and this will help us make others super happy.

We are lucky – we decided not to compromise with happiness, we decided that we want to be ” companions for life ” with all those large hearted well-wishers who put their faith & trust in us, we decided to enjoy every bit of what we do since it is ” payback time “, we decided to convert every second of life into a BEAUTIFUL HAPPY HOLIDAY.

Experience with us

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